Creative writing II

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This is a workshop in creative writing at Folkuniversitetet in Uppsala for those who want to continue writing. Through a handful of writing exercises and group discussions you will start writing and working on longer texts.

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Welcome to creative writing workshop II. Here we will be continuing to develop the skills you practiced in creative writing workshop I. There the emphasis was on words and sentences. Here the emphasis will be on writing longer texts. As before you will be discussing your texts in a group, which will give you the opportunity to share ideas and themes with each other. This workshop, like creative writing workshop I, will be held in English.

The hours scheduled for the workshop include a lunch break.

Why take this class?

To continue to discover the joy of creative writing in English as an important mode of self-expression

Prior knowledge

Participants should have skills in English equivalent to course level B2.
It is advisable, but not an absolute requirement, to have taken the creative writing workshop I first.

What to bring with you

 Pen/pencils are essential equipment; a laptop is optional. 


Daniel Ogden

I have long experience of teaching university level writing courses at Uppsala, Örebro, and Mälardalen universities and incorporating creative writing techniques into subject courses such as literature and social studies.

Daniel Ogden, BA, Fil kand

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16 mar 2024 - 16 mar 2024
Antal tillfällen
Första tillfället
lör 16 mar 2024 kl 10:00-15:00
Bergsbrunnagatan 1, 75323 UPPSALA
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