Creative Writing - II

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This course continues the work of Creative Writing and Narrative Theory with more complex theory and literary examples, as well as longer and more complex writing challenges.

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Please note –– if you haven’t taken the intro course, bookings for Creative Writing II are preliminary pending review of a sample text.  After making your booking, you’ll receive a message requesting you send a few pages of original narrative or other text to  This is to ensure the course will be meaningful for you at your level of skill and understanding.  You’ll receive a response as soon as possible.  Thanks for your understanding.

Course plan

The overall goal of the course is to learn skills necessary for working on longer narrative projects. Topics include:

  • 1. Narrative theories by Aristotle, Poe, Woolf, Barthes, Todorov, etc.
  • 3. The theoretical and technical relationships between realism and the genres of fantasy. Texts by by Propp, Tolkien, Maria Nikolajeva.
  • 3. Pacing and time-flow in tales; the Romantic versus naturalistic traditions; standard narrative genres and hybrids
  • 4. Theoretical and technical demands of historical fiction
  • 5. Elements of prose, their ties to various genres, and the Classical style.
  • 6. Editing strategies

While it’s advantageous to take the introductory course first, this is not a prerequisite. The course meets every other Wednesday, 6-9:15 p.m. February 14 to May 8. Note: the course meets every other week, to allow for extra writing time. There will be no class Feb 28th (week 9).


Kevin Frato is an author-educator originally from Ohio, USA. He writes fiction and non-fiction for Natur och Kultur publishers, and has also written fiction for Kabusa böcker, X Publishing, and Myrios novellförlag. In the States he has written stories for School Arts Magazine, and journalism for several newspapers. He has taught writing in Sweden, Italy and the US, and runs workshops for teachers around Sweden in how to teach creative writing. His Creative Writing – A Classroom Guide was published by Natur och Kultur in 2019.


Kevin Frato

Kevin Frato teaches creative writing courses in English at Skrivarakademin.

Kevin Frato is from the USA and has lived in Stockholm since 1998.  He has published several books with Swedish publishers Natur och Kultur and Kabusa Böcker, and also written for newspapers and magazines in the US and Sweden. 

Kevin Frato

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