Software Programming Basics - JavaScript

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Den här kursen är för dig som vill få grundläggande kunskaperna som krävs för software programmering. Ges av Folkuniversitetet i Norrköping.

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This course is aimed at students interested in getting a solid understanding of programming basics. You will need to bring your own laptop for classes and you should be familiar with work on a computer such as looking up information on the Internet and moving computer files around. Other than that no coding experience is needed. All the materials and the course itself will be in English.

OBS! Kursen ges på engelska!


Getting to know the basics of programming can enrich your career by learning a new skill set. It also could be used as a first step to pursue software coding as a career or for a side project. Finally, solving the sort of coding puzzles we will do during the course is a very rewarding and fun activity.


After the course, students should be able to grasp the basic concepts of software development. They will be able to design and implement algorithms for different situations and possibly to apply this knowledge in their life.


Have you ever wonder how the starship descent control algorithm works, or how does Batman's bomb finding device work? Let's learn about coding while solving fun riddles like that. In the course, we will use a public platform to learn basics of programming while seeing effects of the code YOU will write in animations.

We will use JavaScript language which is one of the most popular and versatile languages out there, that powers most of the websites and applications you interact on a day to day bases. Both the pace and specific areas will be adjusted based on the group’s preferences.


Each lesson will start with a brief introduction to the concepts needed for solving the tasks that day. After that, every participant will start to solve puzzles designed to reinforce these concepts while the teacher will help guide the students. Cooperation between students is highly encouraged.


Primary study material will be an interactive platform – This is a free platform that can be used by everyone in or outside of class, that provides a great learning environment. This tool works in browsers of any modern computer (macOS, Windows, or Linux).


Pavel Schoffer

Pavel är född och uppvuxen i Tjeckien och har bott i Sverige sedan 2017.

Pavel startade karriären inom programutveckling redan under sin utbildning och har arbetat för företag som Oracle, Klarna och NTM ( Han arbetar huvudsakligen med utveckling av plattformen WordPress.

Pavel är en riktig tekniknörd som gillar problemlösning och att utforska nya tekniska lösningar. Det var på den vägen han upptäckte DevOps, samarbetet mellan utveckling (Dev) och IT Operations (Ops) och IoT, Internet of Things, vardagsföremål med inbyggd elektronik och internetuppkoppling. 

Pavel Schoffer, lärare på Folkuniversitetet i Norrköping.

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14 okt 2021 - 02 dec 2021
To 19:00 - 20:30
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