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Reflecting and connecting with Jazz technique. My class explores jazz fundamentals and progressions across the floor, strengthening, conditioning the body and expanding the mind. It challenges the dancer to dive deeper into the way they move throughout space and connecting them to their coordination with musicality and power. I created a class where you test your body both in endurance as well as strength to push your limits as a dancer. This class will prepare the body to reconnect and develop yourself as a dancer and awaken yourself to start the day


Starting with a simple physical exercise to warm up the heart and get the blood flowing, I switch the focus towards stretching and conditioning the body to prepare itself for the day. With a mixture of vigorous stretching exercises and a center barre, I bring my attention to core fundamentals of Jazz technique with weight shift and coordination to enhance your thought process and physical training of Jazz.

Continuing in the center, I like to do a couple pirouette and leg extension exercises to refine and reconnect to the proper coordination to prepare the class for the progression across the floor. Progressions across the floor are very important to use those very same exercises and move them in space to strengthen your technique. Creating various pirouette, leg extension, jumping and leap combinations, the dancer will expand their knowledge of themselves as well as the technique.

I want my class to have the dancers question and then find solutions in the technique so that they can keep challenging and evolve as a stronger, smarter dancer.

Level: Intermediate: for intermediate participants over 13 years of age, vocational students and professional dancers.

To book the course, please press "BOKA KURSEN NU". You will then be redirected to a booking form. The form is also available in English.
There is a discount card for vocational students and professional dancers, 2000 SEK for 10 classes. The card is personal.


Anthony Lomuljo

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