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Ambra Succi is half Finnish and half Italian. I love to work with contrasts, the classic beauty verses the urban rawness sometimes even ugly. Because that's how life is. At least I believe so. It has its ups and downs.

I grew up in Helsinki where dance took over my life at 15. I had so much inside of me, that longed to come out. Dance became my language, the only way of expressing myself. It was my biggest passion and something I was determined to work with.

Because my surrounding didn't believe in my choice of profession I quit school and left my family to chase my dreams and travel the world. I winded up in New York. Totally focused to prove everybody back home, wrong. Without any economic support or anyone to turn to I went through some really rough years. I got challenged multiple times both as a human and a dancer. But all of it just strengthened my will and drive to succeed and pursue my dreams more than ever


Some years later I landed in Stockholm where Bounce Streetdance Company was founded shortly after. A team of people that came to be my family. We toured for 14,5 years.

Now after nearly 30 years of dancing I found one more passion. Something that relates to dance and has always had a special place in my heart..music. My father was a drummer and I played classical violin and jazz flute as a kid. Now my two loves finally meet and I create and produce music the same way I choreograph, daily to let out my ideas, emotions and thoughts. I'm so excited and hyped over this new chapter in my life and I'm so ready to go All In. What would the world be without dance and music?

Level: Advanced: for advanced participants, vocational students and professional dancers.

Intermediate for intermediate participants over 13 years of age, vocational students and professional dancers.

To book the course, please press "BOKA KURSEN NU". You will then be redirected to a booking form. The form is also available in English.

There is also a discount card for vocational students and professional dancers, 2000 SEK for 10 classes. The card is personal.


Ambra Succi

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27 jul 2020 - 31 jul 2020
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