Our four focus areas

Education, Life Science, Culture and Language.


  • From preschools to advance vocational training programs.
  • Lifelong education for all citizens.
  • Research and development of methodological and pedagogical concepts for various target groups.

Life Science

  • Running various programs and/or training courses for various disadvantaged target groups such as; unemployed, immigrants, youth and individuals with different handicaps.
  • Focusing on the development of interventions that addresses health, psychological and social issues for various disadvantaged target groups in order to promote social inclusion.
  • Provide certified coaching courses for allied health and social professionals.
  • Provide certified coaching for various target groups.


  • Offer a great variety of different courses such as dance, photography, music, creative writing, history and much more.
  • Development of innovative projects and methodological development in these areas.


  • We offer over 30 different language courses at all levels and Swedish as a second language.
  • We are involved in development of new methodological and pedagogical methods or facilitating language training for various target groups.

International Projects