Competence Oriented Open Learning for disadvantaged Learners

The COOL project aims to create open learning spaces to disadvantaged learners to improve the access to lifelong and civic learning to provide a system of more appropriate learning modalities. COOL targets on the one hand disadvantaged learners in the European Adult Education sector and on the other hand trainers and other educational personnel who are involved in various kinds of educational activities and courses for disadvantaged learners.

The COOL project aims to 1. Empower disadvantaged groups to become social innovators by a. Activating them b. Develop key competences

2. Create open spaces for learning and development for these target groups in a. Local incubators and collaboration hubs b. The virtual space c. Open Mobility learning projects

3. Create a methodology to facilitate open learning in three modalities a. Real life (F2F encounters) b. Digital space c. On the road

4. Train and qualify AE professionals to become “Learning and Development Facilitators” to a. Create and curate open learning spaces b. Plan and deliver Design thinking and Creativity Techniques in learning projects c. Develop agile and creative project development and management competences d. Facilitate Collaborative, design based learning and validate learning outcomes