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Andreas Erbrink Contemporary Jazz Intermediate

Andreas Erbrink Contemporary Jazz Intermediate


Andreas Erbrink Andreas Erbrink graduated in 2003 from the Ballet Academy in Stockholm and has pursued further education in New York and London. As a dancer Andreas has worked in many different styles and in numerous contexts, among other things, casino, circus, cruise ships all over the world, on tour and with institutions. He’s worked in contemporary dance, jazz, musical, show and appeared in various tv-productions, adverts and music videos. Choreographers that Andreas has worked with include Lisa-Marie Bertoni, Lars Bethke, Julia Ehrstrand, Camilla Ekelöf, Denise Holland Bethke, Destiny af Kleen, Carl White and Wendy White.

As a teacher Andreas has held classes at different schools specialising in dance and he’s taught in England, Ireland and Lithuania. Since 2012 he teaches recurrently at DOCH – The Dance and Circus School that is a part of Stockholm Artistic Higher Education. At The Ballet Academy Andreas teaches the Professional Dancers Education, The one year programmes and also has evening classes.


Intermediate (Balettakademien level F/M) for intermediate participants over 13 years of age, vocational students and professional dancers.

To book the course, please press "BOKA KURSEN NU". You will then be redirected to a booking form. The form is also available in English.

There is also a discount card for vocational students and professional dancers, 2000 SEK for 10 classes. The card is personal.


Andreas Erbrink

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17 jun 2019
20 jun 2019
Antal veckor
1 veckor
Tid kvar till startdatum:
58 dagar
Må 18:00 - 19:30
Ti 18:00 - 19:30
On 18:00 - 19:30
To 18:00 - 19:30
(En studietimme är 45 minuter)
4 st
Arr nr.
Platser kvar
840 kr

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