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International Summer Festival 2019

International Summer Festival 2019

June 10-August 16. Ten weeks of dance euphoria in the beautiful city of Stockholm with world-renowned teachers and choreographers specially selected by our coordinator Charlotta Öfverholm.

Repertory Workshop with Regina Advento, former Dancer of Pina Bausch Tanztheater Wupperthal since 26 years, and former Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company member Martin Harriague. Ballet with Antonia Franceschi, Preston McBain, Andrea Helander Kramesova, Zvi Gotheiner, Robert Hewitt, Jean Sebastien Colau, Didier Chape, Mathilde van der Meerendonk, Jan Erik Wikström, Dragos Mihalcea, Jenny Westring and Joakim Stephenson. Contemporary with Jason Mabana and Corinne Lanselle. Jazz with Erica Sobol, Sabrina Phillip, Jon-Ole Olstad, Billy Goodson, Julia Ehrstrand and Adrienne Åbjörn. Gaga with Emma Rozgoni and Lee Brummer. Yoga with Jenny Jacobsson/The Jewel of Yoga. Age on Stage 65+ workshop with Charlotta Öfverholm.

Everything carefully and specifically selected by Charlotta Öfverholm. Click on the names for more information and booking. Can't find the link to the class you are interested in? We will update the schedule continuously. 

July 22-26
10.30-12.00 Ballet with Mathilde van der Meerendonk, Advanced Open
12.15-13.45 Jazz with Billy Goodson, Advanced Open
14.00-16.00 The Arm Language - workshop with Regina Advento former Dancer of Pina Bausch Tanztheater Wupperthal
18.00-19.30 Ballet with Mathilde van der Meerendonk, Intermediate Open
18.00-19.30 Jazz with Billy Goodson, Intermediate Open
18.00-19.30 Ballet with Jan-Erik Wikström, Intensive Beginners

July 29-August 2
10.30-12.00 Ballet with Robert Hewitt, Advanced Open
12.15-13.45 Contemporary with Jason Mabana, Advanced Open
14.00-16.00 Workshop: Repertory Martin Harriague former dancer with Kibbutz Dance Company 
18.00-19.30 Ballet with Robert Hewitt, Intermediate Open 
18.00-19.30 Contemporary with Jason Mabana, Intermediate Open
18.00-19.30 Ballet with Preston McBain Intensive Beginners 

August 5-9
10.30-12.00 Ballet with Zvi Gotheiner, Advanced Open
12.15-13.45 Yoga with Jenny Jacobsson/Jewel of yoga
14.00-15.30 Jazz with Sabrina Phillip, Advanced Open 
18.00-19.30 Ballet with Zvi Gotheiner, Intermediate Open
18.00-19.30 Jazz with Sabrina Phillip, Intermediate Open
18.00-19.30 Ballet with Preston McBain, Intensive Beginners 

August 12-16
09.00-10.15 Gaga Dancers with Emma Rozgoni, All levels Open
10.30-12.00 Ballet with Jean-Sebastien Colau, Advanced Open
12.15-13.45 Jaakko Kulmala Jazz Advanced
13.45-15.15 Sommarkurs Neurodans
15.45-17.15 Sommarkurs Dans för Parkinson 
17.30-18.30 Jazz Intensive 60+ Alla niv. Helen Arnesen Lind
18.00-19.00 Gaga People with Emma Rozgoni, All levels Open
18.00-19.30 Ballet with Jean-Sebastien Colau, Intermediate Open 
18.00-19.30 Contemporary Jazz with Maria Pihl, Intermediate Open
18.00-19.30 Ballet with Andrea Helander Kramesova, Intensive Beginners
18.30-19.30 Jazz Intensive 40+ Alla niv. Helen Arnesen Lind

For all open classes, come and go as you like, you don't have to sign up for the whole week. For intensive courses you sign up for a week (or two if you like). The classes you miss if you are signed up for an intensive course are not refundable.



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  • Beginners (Balettakademiens Ballet N1-F3, Jazz and Modern N/F)
  • Intermediate (Balettakademiens Ballet F4-M6, Jazz and Modern F/M)
  • Advanced (Balettakademiens Ballet M7-A8, Jazz and Modern A)


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  • 240 SEK per class when buying single classes at the venue.

  • 840 SEK for the Workshop Age on Stage 65+ with Charlotta Öfverholm. 

  • 1.050 SEK per week (5 classes) when you sign up. 

  • 2.000 SEK for the Workshops with Martin Harriague and Regina Advento.

  • 2.100 SEK for two weeks (10 classes) when you sign up. 

  • 10 classcard SEK 2.000, can be purchased by professional dancers. The card is for personal use only.

Students and young people up to age 20 get a 10% discount when signing up.