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Distance course 3 and 4 in Swedish for Medical Staff

Distance course3 and 4in Swedish for Medical staff is a continuation of the Swedish for Medical Staff program.

When you have finished level 2, you can go on onto level 3 of the distance course in Swedish for Medical staff. Each course consists of 15 lessons, equivalent to approximately 60 lecture hours.

Areas covered in the course:

  • Different medical ailments such as respiratory, cardio-vascular, dermatological and abdominal diseases, aches and pains.
  • Patient's description of their medical problem and the proper notation in their patient record.

Course literature for distance course 3 & 4 in Swedish for Medical Staff 
Ulla Göransson, Annika Noori: Svenska för sjukvårdspersonal / Swedish for Medical Staff
CD 3 and CD 4, Stiftelsen Folkuniversitetets förlag, Lund 2005