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Karolinska Institutet A1 part 1/3 (Beginner)

Karolinska Institutet A1 part 1/3 (Beginner)

For students or staff at Karolinska Institutet.

The beginner’s course in Swedish is for you with no or very limited prior knowledge in the Swedish language. You will learn to introduce yourself and use simple phrases in everyday situations.

Who is the course for?

  • Exchange student or master student at Karolinska Institutet – one course free of charge.
  • Doctoral student admitted to Karolinska Institutet – one course free of charge
  • Staff – paid by KI department (Fill in the ZZ code of the person responsible for the payment at your department)
  • Other participants from Karolinska Institutet: Other participants pay 1479 SEK

Prior knowledge

Beginners’ level, no prior knowledge needed.

Language test

Web-based language test. Test your skills in Swedish to find out what recommended level you are at. http://www.folkuniversitetet.se/In-English/Language_Tests/


  • To be able to introduce yourself and talk a little about yourself
  • To be able to use simple phrases in everyday situations
  • To understand most of what is said in simple and slow speech about familiar topics
  • To be acquainted with basic Swedish grammar

After the course you will have some of the knowledge of Swedish at level A1 according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.
  • •The alphabet and numbers
  • •Basic grammar
  • •Basic rules of pronunciation
  • •Vocabulary and phrases: introductions, telling the time, shopping, leisure activities, daily activities, family and relations

Course material

Rivstart A1+A2, textbook. The book is included, and you get to borrow it from Folkuniversitetet.

You need to register at www.nok.se to access the digital exercises before the first lesson. It's free to register.

Course format

20 teaching hours of 45 minutes each, with classes one evening a week for ten weeks.


Go to "Boka kursen nu". You will be able to choose an application form in English. If you do not have a Swedish social security number, please use the English form, state your year of birth, month and day, and state what country you are a citizen of. If you have questions regarding if you can register for the course, please contact Karolinska Institutet.

After you registered you will receive a confirmation of the booking shortly after you have applied. You will also, before the start of the course, receive a course notification with practical information.

strong>Important information

If you are unable to attend the first lesson, please notify us. If you do not notify us of absence, you will be removed from the course and a reserve will be given your course place


  • •www.nok.se

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Språktest/Language test

Gör ett webbaserat språktest och testa dina språkkunskaper online. /Web-based language test. 


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