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Academic Writing in English

Academic Writing in English

The intention of this course is to improve writing skills for academics and professionals who need to develop their ability to produce specialist academic texts in English. It is open to anyone having a good level of Standard English as well as some basic understanding of grammar and text construction.


Here the aim is to allow participants to find a better way of structuring their written documents and thus give each text more clarity and ease to the reading public. The overall focus will be on combining individual styles with the professional needs in such fields as: science, academia, medicine, reports and other writing forms. The goal is a readable document that has good grammar and an intellectual flow for a scholarly audience.

Course Content

This course will engage in both the topic areas of the participants as well as gaining the individual ability to examine and learn to correct important texts. Many scientific, academic, medical and everyday professional skills will – each session – be worked with and discussed together

Vocabulary and Grammar

Since both of them are so critical to good academic writing, some class time will be spent on a grammar review, work with prepositions, adverbials and other necessary writer tools. How sentences are expected to work in a paragraph structure will be examined in your writing in order to help editing skills and revisions to strengthen each document.


A PhD holder from Lund University, Bradley Knopff has worked at Folkuniversitetet since the turn of the century. As well as teaching English, Bradley has many years experience of working as a consultant. He has also produced a large number of translation and academic projects with a focus on the final editing of academic English texts.



Bradley Knopff
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Våra kurser går på Kungstensg, 45 eller i nära anslutning dit.
6 mar 2018
10 apr 2018
Antal veckor
6 veckor
Tid kvar till startdatum:
45 dagar
Ti 18:00 - 20:15
6 st
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Platser kvar
3 325 kr

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