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Beer Brewing for Beginners

(Ölbryggning för nybörjare) Ever thought about what your own beer would taste like? Brewing beer has never been easier! Learn how to brew delicious beer in your own kitchen.

This is an entry level course for beginners. No prior knowledge is required. Though, we recommend participants should have at least a basic knowledge of English. This course aims to give a theoretical overview of the history of beer, craft beer, craft beer culture, the ingredients of beer and the beer brewing process. This course also aims to give a basic practical overview of the brewing process.


  • Week 1 (theoretical) - Intro to brewing, history of beer and homebrewing, craft beer, ingredients, basic processes, terminology
  • Week 2 (practical) – Brew a beer for real!
  • Week 3 (theoretical) – The ingredients that make beer (water, malt, hops and yeast)
  • Week 4 (theoretical) – All-grain brewing from start to finish (process and equipment)
  • Week 5 (practical) – Brewing on a larger scale, visit a local brewery

Class methods
Each class will contain both an instructor led presentation and student driven discussions/activities. The student driven discussions/activities will be based off the content covered during the day's lesson. There will be two practical classes dedicated to seeing the brewing process in action, one visit to a brewery and one group beer brewing session.

Course material
The material for the course will be primarily instructor created with a recommended book supplement titled 'How to Brew' by John Palmer. The book can be found for free online.


Trevor Bush

Brewing beer at home is engaging and rewarding.


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Plats: Norra Allégatan 6, 40317 GÖTEBORG
Startdatum: 6 nov 2017
Slutdatum: 4 dec 2017
Tid kvar till startdatum: 162 dagar
Antal veckor: 5
Tid: Må 17:30-20:00
Studietimmar: 15
Sammankomster: 5
Arrangemangsnr: 895702
Platser kvar: Ja
Pris: 1300kr


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Folkuniversitetet Göteborg

Norra Allégatan 6, 40317 GÖTEBORG


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