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Acting in English -Learn to think, speak and act 1


Theatre courses in English in Stockholm are very few. Folkuniversitetet is proud to be able to offer a new course for those who wish to develop their performing skills in English - a thorough, practical introduction to acting in a fun and supportive atmosphere. If you haven’t been on stage since school, or have always held a secret dramatic desire, this course is the ideal place for you to give acting a go.

Prerequisite skills
This course is ideal for those with little or no acting experience, providing the chance to explore acting techniques in a playful and practical way, while having fun and learning to be part of an ensemble.

The goal of the course is for the students to experience and discover a living awareness of the human body and voice as expressive instruments, the joy of working in a group and the strength that comes from discovering new things about yourself.

Course description
Using a combination of improvisational and Stanislavsky technique, the teacher will pull out your strengths and push you to places that will surprise you!

The course will also be valuable for developing life skills, irrespective of whether you want to pursue acting in a sustained way, amateur or professional. Just the simple act of getting up in front of people each week and trying out something new teaches you a lot about yourself and how you relate to people, and hopefully enables you to strengthen those areas you feel are weak and re-discover talents that have been asleep for a while!

Topics covered include

  • Exploring the use of the voice and body in acting.
  • Finding the playfulness and fun in performing through improvisation.
  • Building confidence for performance.
  • Rehearsing a scene from a play or film.

Course steps

  • Relaxing the body:
    In this first step of the course we focus on relaxing exercises to ground, focus and open up the body to breathing, speaking and moving on stage.
  • Breathing:
    The second step involves finding a proper, relaxed and focused breathing to be able to eventually use the full power of your voice. There is a strong speaking voice in each and every one of us but very often it is trapped in tension and bad speaking habits. Breathing properly is the first step to finding ‘your’ voice.
  • Voice:
    With a relaxed body and a relaxed breathing we now go on to voice exercises which allow us to find our true voice and tone, freeing up our vocal chords and tensions in the head, neck, jaw and chest.
  • Body in relation to space:
    In this step we explore the body in relation to the space around us, learning how to ‘fill’ the room while interacting with those around us.
  • Learning how to improvise:
    An introduction to the basic rules of improvisation. What is improvisation and the different styles and methods that apply.
  • Approaching a text with the method of Stanislavsky:
    Text analysis, reading a text, objectives. Trying out a text in front of people.
  • Building a character:
    Different methods and techniques to create a believable character.
  • Working on a scene:
    In this last step of the course we work on a dialogue from either a film or a play that we then present in front of the group.

The course will have a break on February 28th.

The course takes place at Viktor Rydberg Gymnasium, at Kungstensgatan 6. There is a cafe on Birger Jarlsgatan 70, "Café Arte" at Balettakademien, located a few steps away from Viktor Rydberg Gymnasium.

Continuation possibilities
All of our acting courses offer continuing courses where you can further develop your skills. It is also possible to take this course again since the courses never end up being identical with each other. If you want to learn to sing, we provide courses to help you get started.


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Plats: Kungstensgatan 6, 11425 STOCKHOLM
Startdatum: 7 feb 2017
Slutdatum: 4 apr 2017
Antal veckor: 8
Tid: Ti 19:15-21:30
Studietimmar: 24
Sammankomster: 8
Arrangemangsnr: 859707
Platser kvar: Fullbokat, endast reservplatser
Pris: 2350kr


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Viktor Rydbergs Gymnasium Jarlaplan

Kungstensgatan 6, 11425 STOCKHOLM

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