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Dance Health Finland and Balettakademien Stockholm invite you to a conference illuminating dance science and its relation to and practical use for the dance profession.

The conference is aimed for dancers, dance educators, physiotherapists and allied health professionals. It will be of interest to anyone involved in the world of dance and who is interested in enhancing their professional practice.

The conference will start on November 3 at 11.00 and finish with a final discussion on November 5 at 13.00. There will be an optional performance at Dansens Hus on the evening of November 4 due to Balettakademiens's 60 year anniversary. The performance will include diverse works by recognised Swedish choreographers.

Keynote speakers and workshop teachers:

Cognitive Science, Bibliometrics, Dance Science
Derrick D. Brown, MSc (dist), Programme Manager, Lecturer Dance Science, University Bern, Institute of Sport Science

Psychology in dance
Sanna Nordin Bates, Docent, Fil dr Science and Psychology of Sports

Analyze to optimize
Jessica Parnevik-Muth, Physical Therapist and Founder of 1080MAP, Movement Assessment Profile

Biomechanics in dance
Hanna Pohjola, Doctor of Arts in Dance with a a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in Health Science

Periodization in Dance training, Periodization in Dance Education
Following the initial research on the compatibility of the concept of periodization in dance education and developing and implementing the research outcome into a curriculum, the ArtEZ school of Dance faces the challenge of creating a model for sustainable curriculum development and evaluation. Illuminating on the consequences and challenges of periodization in dance education, from research to curriculum and beyond.
Matt Wyon,PhD CSCS, Research Centre for Sport Exercise and Performance Institute of Sport and Health Sciences and School of Performing Arts University of Wolverhampton
Gaby Allard, director of the Academy of Theatre and Dance, ArtEZ. Gaby Allard has spent the past years conducting research on dance, both in the professional field and in dance education. Allard is a.o principal investigator for the research project Move(me)ment!, the development of periodization in dance education in collaboration with Matthew Wyon, Wolverhampton University, United Kingdom. In 2002 she was awarded the prize of merit by the Dansersfonds ’79 Foundation for her versatile contribution to dance.

Registration fees:
EUR 210 (SEK 2050)


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3 nov 2017
5 nov 2017
Antal veckor
1 veckor
Tid kvar till startdatum:
39 dagar
Fr 11:00 - 17:30
Sa 10:00 - 17:00
Su 11:00 - 13:00
3 st
Arr nr.
Platser kvar
2 050 kr

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