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Courses given in English

Courses given in English

Take a course in painting or photography – in English! We offer a number of courses where the language of instruction is English.The courses are suitable for anyone with knowledge of English, regardless of mother tongue.



Alla Hela Sverige
Arrangemang Datum Plats Dag & Tid Pris
Acting workshop 2, Monologues
26 apr 2014 Stockholm Lö 10:00-13:30 395kr Boka Favorit
Cityscapes STHLM
10 maj 2014 Stockholm Lö 13:00-18:00
Sö 10:00-15:00
1850kr Boka Favorit
Guitar for beginners - in English
27 apr 2014 Stockholm Sö 11:00-13:15 1775kr Boka Favorit
Guitar, individual lessons - in English
25 apr 2014 Stockholm Fr 12:00-15:45 1680kr Info Favorit
Koreanskt lamphantverk
4 maj 2014 Stockholm Sö 13:00-16:00 850kr Boka Favorit
Sing It! Advanced course
7 apr 2014 Stockholm Må 19:30-21:00 1550kr Boka Favorit
Sing It! Course for beginners
9 jun 2014 Stockholm Må 18:00-20:30
On 18:00-20:30
1050kr Boka Favorit
Sing It! Course for beginners
7 apr 2014 Stockholm Må 17:45-19:15 1550kr Boka Favorit
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