Free Art, 1 Year Composition Course

If you have an exciting artistic project that you dream of being able to realize, and where you need tutelage – then this is the course for you. The application for 2024 is now closed. However, you can still submit a late application. If there is an opening, we will contact you.



Target group

Historically, the students in this course have come from different backgrounds, such as musicians, electroacoustic artists or sound artists who would like to to learn more about composition in a concentrated manner.

Number of slots: 3


The 1-year composition course with special emphasis on free art is wholly individualized. The student allies to the course with a well-defined artistic project that is judged at the time of application.


The student chooses together with the teachers a selection of the classes offered by the school. The chosen classes shall assist the student in the completion of his or her project. Since the characteristics of each project are different, the subjects studied can therefore vary quite a bit from student to student. Depending on the subjects chosen by the student, the teaching will take place both individually, in small groups, and in whole classes in the various chosen subjects.

Each student has a production budget that can also be used in part to consult with experts outside of the school to the extent that the faculty lacks expertise in certain aspects of the project. The final examination takes place in the form of a presentation for an audience in a suitable venue for the production. Over the years, it has usually been the case that the students in Free Art have taken part in and presented their projects in connection with the festival Ljudvågor (Sound Waves).

Goals of the course

Students in Composition – Free Art shall after their finished education have completed an artistic project of high artistic value and personal character. Through the project, the student should also have researched the pedagogical questions that were formulated in connection with admission to the course.