2-year Composition Course

If you have a strong ambition to compose music and feel the need to develop your own musical voice– then this is the major for you. The application for 2024 is now closed. However, you can still submit a late application. If there is an opening, we will contact you.

Orkester på Gotlands Tonsättarskola, Visby


Target group

Those of you who wish to have a preparatory education before applying to a conservatory, or who already are practicing musicians and would like to develop your music writing.

Total number of slots: 23


Composition permeates all our subjects, and all teaching in the specific field of composition is individual. This individual mentorship combined with the Composition Seminar works as a sort of hub for one’s education. In addition to this we have what we call the core subjects, which are based on a traditional Western art music profile: notation, music theory, ear training, instrumentation,compositional technique, aesthetics/analysis etc. More contemporary complements are subjects such as electroacoustic music and live electronics.

Educational program

The school has two teachers of composition: Henrik Strindberg and Per Mårtensson. Those studying the Composition course receive individual lessons with one of the teachers, but each week there is also a seminar on new art music. Each student receives eleven individual lessons per year, but the student may also book individual lessons to some extent with the other teachers. Each student works with compositions as part of different composition projects at the school.

The school has long collaborated with musicians from Gotland Regional Music and the Music Conservatory in Falun, along with outstanding visiting ensembles for new art music. In the most typical scenario, the result of the individual lessons is tested during two workshops where the musicians who are to perform the works in concert are invited to take part in the artistic process.

Goals of the education

The goals of the education are to provide each student with enough technical know-how and artistic challenges so that the student can develop his/her own personal musical voice. Each student is expected to create at least one composition per year that can be performed during the Ljudvågor (Sound Waves) festival.