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The programme

The programme

Musical Instrument Maker is a free, three-year programme intended for people looking for solid vocational training in guitar building. The programme allows you to complete a qualifying piece of work in the final year.

Basic handicraft techniques and studies in the selected field
(Year 1)

The programme is grounded in solid craftsmanship. Hence in the first year you will study tool care and maintenance, wood machining and basic handicraft techniques.

Advancement in manufacturing techniques, restoration and maintenance (Year 2)

During the second year your technical knowledge will be advanced and your craftsmanship refined through practical applications. You will also study subjects such as music history.

Work experience, development course and final exam (Year 3)

The third year leads to your final exam. Through a work-training course of eight weeks, you will have the opportunity to specialise in the area that you are looking to work in. In the final year, you also have more opportunity to influence the direction of your studies. For your final exam, you have the option of producing a qualifying piece of work.


The programme caters for people with a passion for musical instruments. In order to apply, you must have completed your upper secondary education or folk high school equivalent. Selection is made in the following order:

1. Upper secondary school or folk high school studies in wood technology, fine carpentry or woodwork.
2. Upper secondary school or folk high school studies in music.
3. Upper secondary school or folk high school studies.

Costs and funding

The programme is free of charge and participants are eligible for student aid.

Dates for study year 2017/2018

The programme begins in August 2017


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