Quotes about The Gotland School of Music Composition from former students and people in the music business.


The singer and teacher Jeannie Marsh came all the way from Melbourne, Australia, to the Ljudvågor 2012 festival. Jeannie attended all the concerts and lots of rehearsals. She talked with the students, the musicians and the teachers. Jeannie was entusiastic and here is her extensive report:

Gotland School for Music Composition Music Festival (pdf)

Linda Alexandersson's study of the education of composition is built on interviews with four of the teachers at the Gotlands Tonsättarskola.

Download her report (pdf)


"This course seems to be a rare treasure in the world of classical music."
- Jeannie Marsh, Melbourne, Australia reporting on her visit in May 2012

"The most important reason why I write music is actually that I'm an egoist. I'm ecstatic during the creative process when ideas just burst and one feels that they are so perfect."
- Student of composition, Jenny Hettne interviewed by Dagens Nyheter

"The school has strengthened its profile and continues to give room to creative ideas and beliefs regardless of what they are."
- Article by Emeli Jeremias in Nutida Musik no. 1 2004.

"It remains only to congratulate all those who participated in Ljudvågor 2002 for an outstanding accomplishment at the festival. Every work of music, as well as each concert played, excelled in performance."
- Review by Mattias Petersson, webb-publication Tritonus

"Beyond comparison is the memory of last week's final concert performed by Gotland School of Music Composition. The intensity of the music was surprising considering that the study program is only two years."
- Sara Norling, Dagens Nyheter, May 2001.