Our courses

At Poppius, we offer both basic courses and continuation courses, as well as short courses.

Basic courses

Our basic course in practical journalism focuses on news, research and reportage and comprises of two main parts: writing exercises and publishing.

The writing part covers the different tasks of a reporter, which are producing various types of texts e.g. short articles and in-depth portraits. The course also includes how to do interviews, research and digital publishing.

In the publishing part you learn how to work with online publishing, which includes composing headlines, image texts, adapt texts, photos etc.

A number of guest lecturers contribute with topics such as ethics within the media, photography and research.

Continuation courses

Poppius offers a number of continuation courses that are available for those who have completed the basic course or alternatively, have equivalent knowledge from other journalistic education. Professional journalists can also attend.

Some continuation courses include reportage and research.

Short courses

Poppius have a wide range of short courses for anyone who would like to participate in further education but whose time is limited.
A few examples: Web editor, web-tv, podcast, creative writing, writing skills at work, editing, economic journalism.