At Folkuniversitetets sfi-skola, you can follow all study paths and courses within Swedish for Immigrants (SFI). You can attend the programmes Jobbspåret (Job Track) or Akademikerspåret (Academic Track), depending on your educational background and the aim of your studies.

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Your SFI study programme at Folkuniversitetets sfi-skola is based on your educational background and goals. In order to provide a shortcut to Swedish society and working life, we offer two study paths: the Job Track and the Academic Track.

Job Track

The Job Track prepares you for a job or vocational training. Your SFI study programme will be based on various occupations and will teach you Swedish words and phrases used in those occupations. You will also go on study visits to workplaces. You will be supported by a job coach who will help you to identify your future occupation, either directly or via further education.

Academic Track

The Academic Track is aimed at those with experience of higher education in their homeland. On the Academic Track, your SFI study programme will be designed so that you can quickly progress to studies at a Swedish higher education institution. Your studies will be based on the world of university education and research and you will be supported by job coaches and study counsellors who will prepare you for your future studies.


You will encounter licensed, linguistically accomplished teachers with long experience of students from a wide variety of educational backgrounds.

Job coaches and study counsellors

You will receive support from Folkuniversitetet’s experienced job coaches and study counsellors.

Daytime and evening classes

At Folkuniversitetets sfi-skola, you can study SFI in both daytime and evening classes.

Study in the heart of the city

Folkuniversitetets sfi-skola is located in Folkuniversitetet’s premises at Norra Allégatan 6, close to Järntorget. Take the opportunity to study SFI in the heart of the city!

Please feel free to visit us

Would you like further information? Come and visit us before you decide which school to attend! Please don’t hesitate to contact our programme director Katarina Einald on 031 352 66 23 or via e-mail to

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