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You apply to Folkuniversitetet's SFI school at the City of Gothenburg. You do this in different ways depending on whether you are applying for the first time, if you have studied sfi before or if you are registered in another municipality.

Apply to sfi – for the first time

You who have not studied sfi in Gothenburg before must participate in an information meeting before you apply. On this page, you book an appointment for the meeting at a time that suits you.

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Apply to sfi – for you who have studied before

You who have studied sfi in Gothenburg previously apply on this page.

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Apply to sfi – applicants from another municipality

If you are registered in a population register in a municipality other than Gothenburg, you must fill in a form and submit it to your home municipality. It is your home municipality that decides if you can study sfi in Gothenburg.

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