Welcome to Hässleholm SFI School!

At Hässleholm SFI School, our courses are adapted to your needs and designed for those who have studied at upper secondary school or college and university (study paths 2 and 3).

Sfi Hässleholm

Distance education – currently and temporarily

Because of Covid-19, all our instruction is remote and takes place digitally via internet. Although students and teachers are not physically present at school, we are still conducting classes and accepting applications. You can begin by studying remotely and switch to on-site instruction once it resumes.

Hässleholm SFI study path 2
SFI study path 2 gives you basic knowledge of the Swedish language so that you can participate in society, working life or further studies.

Hässleholm SFI study path 3
SFI study path 3 is designed for those who are more used to studying and using computers and who already have higher education (upper secondary school, college or university).

Contact: sfi.hassleholm@folkuniversitetet.se, 044-20 76 48.