Fees for Balettakademiens International Summer Festival 2022.

Man som dansar.
  • 1.300 SEK per week (5 classes) when you sign up. 
  • 800 SEK (drop in 300 SEK) Age on Stage Workshop with Charlotta Öfverholm. (3 days) 
  • 800 SEK (drop-in 180 SEK) Yoga class with Yasemin Nilsson Altan 
  • 540 SEK (drop-in 200 SEK) classes with Antonia Franceschi and Marie Lindqvist Placement class
  • 900 SEK (drop in 200 SEK) Gaga Dancers/People classes 
  • 10 classcard 2.200 SEK, can be purchased by vocational students and professional dancers. The card is for personal use only. 
  • 270 SEK per class when buying single classes at the venue. 

Students and young people up to age 20 get a 10% discount when signing up.