Arrange Swedex

Information for departments and people who want to arrange Swedex or become examiners.

Requirements for becoming an examination centre

The department should have experience of education within Swedish as a foreign language and have access to trained examiners of Swedex. It is also good, though not a requirement, if the department has experience of other international degrees in languages.

How can my department become an examination centre for Swedex?

You apply for a licence with Swedex. The application should be sent  to or mailed to:

Box 2542
403 17 Göteborg

Download application for licence (PDF)

How can we get information about examiner training courses?

Examiner training courses are announced on Swedex' website and in Swedex' newsletter.

Are there centrally stipulated fees for Swedex exams?

No. Each Swedex centre makes its own decision on exam fees. However, all centres pay the same fee for the exam material.

Is there a cost in getting an examination centre licence for Swedex?

Yes. You pay a set fee of 1250 SEK for obtaining a licence. Please contact for further information.