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L2Paths- Pathways to Host Country Languages for Migrants


L2Paths - Pathways to Host Country Languages for Migrants.

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The aim of the project is to help migrants find the best way to learn the language of their host countries thereby enhancing their integration and employability. It will achieve this by developing a programme for training professional language advises, by training a number of them, by establishing language advice centres, and by creating a tool called path-finder for matching a person's needs with the learning options available and which helps them to create their own personal learning plan with progress tracking functionality.


  • Coordinator - Translex, Irland
  • The Language Center S.r.l., Italy
  • iberika Group, Germany
  • Baltic Bright , Latvia
  • VCAT Consulting GmbH, Germany
  • Folkuniversitetet Kursverksamheten vid Lunds Universitetet, Sweden


1 November 2013– 30 April 2016

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