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International Projects 2014

International Projects

Aema, Be Positive, Coach4You, Cognos, EVA Skills, FLAME, L2Paths,Match2NQF, Nordplus, SilverSideKick, VHSM

Folkuniversitetet's International Projects with starting year 2014.

Aema - Adult Education Made Accessible

Not everyone has equal access to adult education – a key factor that is affecting participation rates across Europe.

Be Positive

Be Positive - A positive psychological approach to enhancing resilience and utilising strengths in European unemployed youth.




In Coach4You we aim to demonstrate in what way coaching can be invaluable skill for educators and facilitate their access to learning coaching skills hence make coaching available to larger population.


To develop a set of modular training materialsfor carrying out training programmes for migrants workers.

EVA Skills

EVASkills - Evaluating the soft skills of unemployed youth

FLAME - Family Learning And Migrant Engagement

The FLAME project targets migrants, refugees, long term resident and minorityethnic (ME) groups e.g. Roma who are at risk of social and economic exclusion.


L2Paths - Pathways to Host Country Languages for Migrants.


Match2NQF - Match to National Qualifications Frameworks



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