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Human Rights in Practice

Human Rights in Practice

Preventing violence and strengthening the newly arrived third-hand citizen's opportunities to exercise their human rights.

Swedish description


On April 15, 2013 Folkuniversitetet Uppsala and Folkuniversitetet Umeå, together with other actors in civil society and public sector, started the project "Human Rights in Practice." The project will run for two years from 15.04.2013 to 15.04.2015 .

The honor concept is rooted in values ​​and the violence exercised is when someone violates those values. At the same time, those values ​​are opposed to the values ​​that form the basis of human rights. To raise awareness on human rights and on the basis of such knowledge, discuss the conflicts that exist in the basis of valuation is one way to approach a dialogue about the honor-related violence problem .

Using the correct language

For newly arrived third-country nationals from countries where the concept of honor is part of the culture, it is in many cases difficult to discuss these issues in Swedish. The issues are sensitive and language skills often insufficient to conduct a meaningful dialogue in Swedish.

With this background, we want the project to take advantage of the resource consisting of  immigrant associations and other organizations. We want to educate coaches who in turn train newly arrived third- country nationals in human rights and who concuct a dialogue on honor-related violence problems. All using the respective native language .


  • To contribute to the effective efforts to prevent violence and to strengthen the newly arrived third- hand citizens, especially women, the ability to exercise their human rights
  • To " translate" international legal agreements as the UN Declaration of Human Rights of 1948 and the UN Conventions on practical training. The material to be used by associations that work with MR, immigrant associations and schools to conveniently educate different audiences on MR issues.

Broad collaboration

To achieve these goals requires cooperation. The project is also involves experts and representatives of the civil sector and the public sector working with integration and human rights: Together we achieve the following outturn :

  • Develop a training package and study material for human rights education and intercultural dialogue bringing about honor thought basic values
  • Arranging training for the target group through bilingual coaches
  • Promoting collaboration between project stakeholders through education and practical commitment to the project
  • Start the dialogue about honor context in a nuanced way, and based on the law, Human Rights, and an understanding and respect for the importance of religion for some people

The project's steering committee

Folkuniversitetet Uppsala
Folkuniversitetet Umeå and Skellefteå

The project's reference group

Immigrant associations
Dimitra, national educational organization in Greece
Women's Shelter
Women's Health
Rädda Barnen
UN organization in Uppsala
Experts who work with integrity issues and MR
Media representatives

Project Manager

Yevgenia Averhed

Mänskliga rättigheter i praktiken

Att förebygga hedersrelaterat våld och att stärka de nyanlända tredjehandsmedborgarnas, förutsättningar att tillvarata sina mänskliga rättigheter.

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