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International Projects 2013

International Projects

EnGage, Human Rights in Practice, Info4Migrants, Intercultural Labour Market, Job Club+, Kazi, Mother and Children in L2

Folkuniversitetet's International Projects with starting year 2013.


EnGage - Train the Trainer to Engage NEETs.

Human Rights in Practice

Preventing violence and strengthening the newly arrived third-hand citizen's opportunities to exercise their human rights.


The concrete objective of the project is to produce for each of the countries involved an online tool, 'Info4 Migrants' for use by both guidance practitioners and migrants.

Intercultural labour market

To involve adults from different areas, employers and employees, staff from adults education organizations, in activities that can give them the possibility to know the labour culture and habits in Europe.

Job Club +

Developing, testing and disseminating an effective and sustainable methodology to increase the employability of lowskilled long term unemployed people.

Mother and children in L2

The project will design and pilot a methodology and tools aiming at facilitating learning L2 in mothers.

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