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Giving hope to victims of abuse through vocational guidance and counseling.

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About Hope

There have been a number of successful European projects, still being used by vocational guidance counselors, on target groups with labour market difficulties. These include migrants, refugees, older and younger people, women, low-paid workers and, more generally, people at risk of social exclusion. There is, however, a very large group that cross-cuts all social groups: victims of abuse, both men and women, whether domestic, sexual or labour market exploitation. Early research, confirmed by later work, found that "learned helplessness" is experienced by up to two-thirds of victims, leading to fatalism, lack of confidence, self-esteem and motivation. For many who have escaped the abusive situation, it is necessary to (re)enter the mainstream labour market, both for financial and social reasons; but learned helplessness is a powerful barrier. This is difficult not only for the individual but for vocational guidance services attempting to assist them into education, training and work.

We intend, therefore, as an expert group, to produce training materials, organised into a curriculum, for vocational guidance counselors. Materials will include case studies, biographies, links, academic articles, and specialised tools and methods for guiding this target group. All will be freely available on the project web site, and a Good Practice Guide will be published in all the project languages.


  • University Miguel Hernandez of Elche - Spain
  • Folkuniversitetet Kristianstad – Sweden
  • ANNIESLAND (ARC) – United Kingdom
  • Best – Austria
  • University of Alicante – Spain
  • Peter Plant –Denmark
  • CAREERS Europe – United Kingdom
  • University of Primorska – Slovenia
  • Wrede -Germany


1 October 2011 – 31 December 2013


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