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Enjoy Language

Enjoy Language

Enjoy language within tourism.

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The project aims to make a useful addition to the training of tourism workers by adapting, testing, disseminating and mainstreaming language learning materials using informal learning still regarded as innovative or little known in many areas. The content of the languages taught will be related to work in tourism. A further aim is to form strategic networks, including employers, unions and providers of learning opportunities, which will advise, test, disseminate and mainstream the project results. This will increase cooperation between these institutions and add to Europe-wide knowledge of the issues. The methods and materials adapted will be transferred from the Love Language project, promoted in Austria.


  • Best – Austria
  • BFE – Bulgaria
  • Careers Europe – United Kingdom
  • IED – Greece
  • a2z Oy- Finland


1 Dec 2011 - 30 November 2013

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