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Nordplus Adult project "Nordic network for empowerment of immigrant women with low educational background"

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The overall objective of the project is to form a Nordic network consisting of VET organisations, Adult Education organisations, NGOs working with integration and gender equality, Social Welfare Offices and Public Employment Centres for pooling experience and knowledge in order to elaborate a strategy for assistance of immigrant women without prior education into the vocation/professional education system in the participating countries. Members of the above-mentioned network will produce a report on strategy based on methodology of Liberal Adult Education as the most flexible form of education for “smooth” start taking into consideration needs of the target group. The report will focus on the following aspects: a) enhancement of motivation and self-esteem of immigrant women without prior educational experience; b) accessibility and transparency of information; c) methodologies and tools to be elaborated to achieve the goal.


Folkuniversitetet Uppsala


December 2010 – September 2011

Participating countries

Sweden, Norway, Finland and Lithuania

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