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Vocational integration support - adaptation of innovative approaches ofEuropean supporting initiatives for the disadvantaged and the identification of their development potential for national structures of the project and for the partner countries.


Objective 1:
Systematization of existing German, Danish and Swedish approaches of skills assessments, derivation of
satisfied needs in Germany and Greece, especially in relation to the target group of disadvantaged young people with an
migrant background.

Objective 2:
Selection of methods and implementation of procedures to be transferred from Denmark, Sweden and
Germany, and adapting methods and procedures to the needs of the target group of disadvantaged young people with
immigrant background in the targeted countries. The results are disseminated through publications, regional and national
workshops and conferences.

Objective 3:
Transfer of the approaches aiming to develope models of processes and tools which the transfer recipient -
Germany and Greece – can use independently. Lasting sustainability is sought through the mediation of methods,
procedures and skills to the applying actors. In addition, more usable materials and documents are to be developed to
ensure the applicability of the methods in the target countries in the long term. The project aims to improve and raise awareness of the actors in the recipient country for the opportunities of using competency assessment processes.


GIB Gesellschaft fur Innovationsforschung und Beratung mbH


December 2010 – November 2012

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