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Empowerment kit for Immigrant Women with Low Educational/Working Experience.


The selected target group of the project is non-European immigrant women with low educational/working experience who constitute a relatively large group in EU-countries. They lack knowledge, competences and motivation to proceed with further education in the host country and tend to live on social welfare. All the transnational partners in this project have been working with projects to facilitate the integration of these women. However, they all have been stopped at a social level, not focusing the labour market integration. According to the resolution elaborated by the European Parliament (1478-2006) it is of outmost importance ”to promote immigrant women’s access to labour market, adapting positive measures to combat the tow-fold discrimination…” and adequate vocational education is recommended as an effective measure to achieve this.

The problem is that there is still a gap between the present competences of these women and competences required by the formal vocational education. The proposed project aim is to fill this gap with the help of an empowerment kit based on methodology of the more flexible non-formal adult education. This objective corresponds to the overall objective of the Grundtvig programme, namely “to provide adults with ways to improve their knowledge and skills, keeping them potentially more employable".  As the target group of the project is immigrant women without prior education the project supports one of the special aims of the Grundtvig Programme, namely "people on the margins of society have access to adult education, especially those who left education without basic qualifications".

The European Commission has identified eight key competences for contribution to the better integration of socially excluded people, and "learning to learn" is among them. Moreover, the project aims to "increase the volume of cooperation between" adult education organisations, vocational education and public sector to raise quality of adult education.


Folkuniversitetet Uppsala 


October 2010 – September 2012

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