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International Projects starting 2010


EDUKEY, ELDER, Elderly Memories, EM-Kit, Kompetenzstark, L Green, Link, Nordplus.

Folkuniversitetet's International Projects with starting year 2010


Development of informal acquisition of key competencies for the social inclusion of disadvantaged young adult learners.


Qualification of Seniors coming from Restructuring Sectors for Intergenerational Knowledge Transfer.

Elderly Memories

The final aim of this Project is to create an innovative Decalogue of ways of living combining good things from the present and the past through all the participants.


Empowerment kit for Immigrant Women with Low Educational/Working Experience.


Vocational integration support - adaptation of innovative approaches ofEuropean supporting initiatives for the disadvantaged and the identification of their development potential for national structures of the project and for the partner countries.

L Green

Addresses low-level educated and low-skilled adults. It aims at developing a new didactic approach combining the acquisition of key competences with a thematic focus on the environment and sustainable development.


LINK aims at transferring a comprehensive program for upgrading the guidance skills of career practitioners in the social arena to meet the needs of specific groups at risk of exclusion.


Nordplus Adult project "Nordic network for empowerment of immigrant women with low educational background"

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