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International Projects starting 2009


Quali-T, Qualeco, Marina, EnVogue, BAGru, DETVET.

Folkuniversitetet's International Projects with starting year 2009.


The aim isto compare the role of quality assurance systems in adult education in general and with special regard to quality in language teaching and learning.


Qualeco is focusing to equip EVT organisations in order to facilitate the integration of sustainable development issuses within the management of their quality system.


The project aims to make a useful addition to the training of coastal tourism workers by adapting, testing, disseminating and mainstreaming language learning materials using Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) and Open and Distance Learning (ODL) methods.


The project is targeted at education providers dealing with disadvantaged, low-level educated young female learners and will equip them with innovative methods and tools for providing IT and economy contents embedded in the thematic world of fashion.


The Target group and potential end users of the transfer project are groups on the hand with specific integrational difficulties in the labour market.


The aim of the project is to form an international sustainable partnership in order to improve VET teachers’ competencies in education techniques.

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