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Marketing European Wine

Marketing European Wine

The European wine industry faces increasing challenges from newer wine-producing parts of the world. One of its problems is marketing.

The European wine industry, among the oldest in the world and a distinctive part of our heritage, faces increasing challenges from newer wine-producing parts of the world – even though it still produces the majority of the wine made in the world. One of its problems is marketing, particularly for small wine-producers making good quality wine but without training in ways of publicising it and therefore selling as much as is desired. Our core objectives, therefore, are to assist such producers by giving them training in marketing that is tailored to the needs expressed by a sample of micro-wine producers in less well-known or upcoming wine areas in Italy, France, Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Spain and Romania.

The results will consist of:

A questionnaire to be used as the basis of analysing marketing needs;
An analysis of marketing needs based on a survey of micro-producers of wine;
Examples of good practice in marketing wine from England, Austria and Northern Italy, as well as other parts of Europe and our New World Competitors;
A set of marketing tools, dealing with all relevant aspects of marketing and including both innovative and traditional ideas, focused on the needs of our selected areas but transferable to producers in other parts of Europe, and written so that they can be used by producers themselves;
Guidelines for giving training in the use of the marketing tools for those producers who require such assistance.

Printed versions of the marketing tools in all the project languages. These and all the other results will be on a multilingual web site open to all free of charge. We envisage that in the long term that our product will remain a valuable resource for the European wine industry.


University of Glasgow (Scotland)
University of Primorska (Slovenia)
Qualifizierungs- und Vermittlungs GmbH (Germany)
Città della Scienza(Italy)
Akses (Czech Republic)
Langhe Monferrato Roero Società Consortile (Italy)
IRFA (France)
BEST (Austria)
Carpathian Foundation(Rumania)
Folkuniversitetet Kristianstad (Sweden)
Universidad de Alicante(Spain)




Dec 2007 – Nov 2009

Contact person: Ingmarie Rohdin

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