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Self Experience and Disability. Development of three modules: Diving, Dance-Music and Textile Work. The use of these modules gives the opportunity to have a self experience of how it would feel to be disabled.

The specific aim of the project is the development of the following three modules:  Diving, Dance-Music and Textile Work.  The use of these modules gives the opportunity to have a self experience of how it would feel to be disabled. This self experience of disability on one own’s body can help to improve the competences of empathy and understanding, which are important when working with disabled people. These three modules could be included in the basic education like for example in social pedagogue, which would be an important supplement for the already existing curriculum.

The main product is a curriculum which can be accomplished through attendance and through an online process. The mentioned fields are equal and each should last three, maximum four days (this means that the attendance takes place two weekends and the time period for the online process is depended on free choice). The supporting medium for the content should be a handbook and a homepage which should help the trainers to create an understandable teaching method. The handbook should include practical methods which can flow directly into the work with disabled people. The final users of the curriculum are on the one hand the trainers and instructors of institutions focused on social work as well as all the people who work with individuals with disabilities and on the other hand disabled people. E-learning and/or blended Learning attempt is particularly suitable for the transfer of the contents. People who are training in the field of social work are usually familiar with PC, internet and new media. There are different directions of education (e.g. educational academy, social academies) and also resources for new media and often for technical assistance in training facilities. The methodical preparation of the test should be prepared in an oriented and friendly way for the users.


Karriere Club AT
Folkuniversitetet SE
Eurotraining Institute Euroidea EL
Academy of Management PL
Universität Linz, Institut Integriert Studieren AT
Verein Uniability AT
Interattiva IT
Euro-Training BG
Marie Curie Association BG
Tempo Training & Consulting  CZ
Textilwerkstatt ALOM AT
Tanzstudio Zehender  AT
Municipality of Sliven BG
Senator Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej PL
Societa Nationale di Salvamento IT
Steirischer Landesverband der Gehörlosenvereine AT


October 2006 – September 2008

Contact person: Martin Persson

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