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CaguNet 2

CaguNet 2

International network in career guidance: sharing and using knowledge about policies, systems and practice.

International network in career guidance: sharing and using knowledge about policies, systems and practice

(2nd project year, for information on the 1st year click here)

Aim of the network

To share knowledge about policies, system and practices in career development and guidance among partner institution.
The first year the project focused more on theoretical research of national policies in career development practices, fighting unemployment, promoting lifelong learning, enchasing quality and accessibility of guidance services.
The second year will be devoted towards analysing of the research material for practical implementation of effective career guidance services. This requires more in-depth research on the career guidance techniques and practices.

Project themes

Analyzing the current network results and ideas, partners agreed to focus on the three following themes:

  • Practical implementation of portfolio method in career guidance
  • Career guidance in the workplace
  • Policies for validation of informal and non-formal learning


1. Preparation for International Conference in Klaipeda, Lithuania.
During a period of 5 months, each partner will have to accomplish specific task and to prepare an overview/analysis of the progress achieved. Partners will be grouped according to themes:
       I. Career guidance and portfolio evaluation method
Klaipeda University Continuing Studies Institute – practical experience with portfolio evaluation method. Objective: To implement and test the effectiveness of portfolio evaluation method in Klaipeda University Career Centre.
Kaliningrad I. Kant State University – implementation of portfolio evaluation method at I. Kant State University. Objective: To prepare guidelines for implementation of portfolio evaluation method: required skills (teachers, students) and infrastructure.
       II. Career guidance at workplace
Folkuniversitetet Syd – career guidance at workplace. Objective: To prepare a research about workplace guidance: challenges and skills for guidance practitioners/human resource managers.
Karis Adult Training Centre – using portfolio evaluation method with employers. Objective: To analyze the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of using portfolio evaluation method to guide employers/employees. Practical experience (with Karis Town municipality).
       III. Identification and validation of informal and non-formal learning
Litorina Folk High School - Identification and validation of informal and non-formal learning. Objective: To analyze existing practices, policies and strategies worldwide.
Baltic Education Centre "Vikings" - Identification of informal and non-formal learning. Objective: To explore possibilities of using portfolio method to identify informal and non-formal learning.

2. International Conference in Klaipeda, Lithuania. 
The main purpose of this International Conference is to present the material prepared by network partners, to get feedback from wide range of scholars, to gather new ideas for further activities, to promote network activities.
The main theme of the conference will be enchasing quality and access to career guidance services. Topics: i) Enhancing career guidance quality: portfolio evaluation method ii) Enhancing access to career guidance: work place guidance iii) Identification and validation of informal and non-formal learning.

3. Research activities.
Research tasks for all partners as stated in the Activity 1 section will continue for the whole planned year. The result of these activities will be e-book. Partners that are grouped under each theme will have to prepare a combined report for the e-book. 

4. Preparation for final seminar in Malmoe, Sweden.

  • Promotion of the seminar
  • Discuss and prepare material for the final report with the theme partner

5. Final seminar in Malmoe, Sweden
The main purpose of this seminar is to present research material, to agree upon content, structure and material of the e-book, to specify dissemination strategy and to draw guideliness for future cooperation.

6. Dissemination
Expected outcome
One of the concrete outcomes of network activities is to publish electronic book (e-book) containing practical information about the methods of enchasing career guidance services. This e-book will focus on the results of the network activities and describe the following themes:

  • Using portfolio method in career guidance: practical guidelines and examples of good practice.
  • Enchasing accessibility and quality of career guidance at work place: challenges and strategies for educational institutions, career guidance practitioners and employers
  • Identification and validation of informal and non-formal learning for career guidance


One year (Aug 1, 2006 – July 31, 2007)


1. Klaipėda University Continuing Studies Institute (CSI) (Lithuania)
2. Folkuniversitetet Syd (Sweden)
3. Karis Adult Training Centre (Finland)
4. "Litorina" Folk High School in Karlskrona (Sweden)
5. Kaliningrad State University (Russia) – Aditional Vocational Training Centre
6. Baltic Education Centre "Vikings" (Latvia)

For more information please contact:
Octavian Dumitriu

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