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International Projects starting 2006


Alexander Nevskij, CaguNet 2, EGL, eSangathan, EUROVOLT via VLE, GuideLife, Ex Post Evaluation, Mecondis, SEAD, Senior Language, Visible.

Folkuniversitetet's International Projects with starting year 2006.

Alexander Nevskij

Knowledge in Russia about socio-psychiatric care in an open, market-oriented society is undeveloped and insufficient, but a constant improvement is being made.

CaguNet 2

International network in career guidance: sharing and using knowledge about policies, systems and practice.


The project will develop a web-based platform that contains recordings of people who have, during their lifetime, lived in more than one European country. The aim is to increase tolerance and to reduce prejudices and xenophobia.


This specific support action proposal aims to contribute to the definition and development of a renewed European social model for one category of disadvantaged population; the ageing workforce, which is increasingly excluded from the labour market.


Fully supports the e-learning initiative of the European Commission, encouraging language teachers and trainers to make full use of the new technologies (ICT).


The project targets the guidance and counseling sector with the purpose to increase their understanding and knowledge about social disadvantaged groups and increase this particular group participation in life long learning.

Ex Post Evaluation

This ex post external evaluation study on the SOCRATES Curriculum Development projects was commissioned by the Directorate General for Education and Culture of the European Commission


Mentorship for the Disabled. A learning partnership with the aim to develop teachers' and carers' mentorship competencies to foster and maintain Life Long Learning of disabled people.


Self Experience and Disability. Development of three modules: Diving, Dance-Music and Textile Work. The use of these modules gives the opportunity to have a self experience of how it would feel to be disabled.

Senior Language

The qualification of language teachers for senior citizens is of crucial importance for the quality of further education in the context of lifelong learning.


A transnational networks–project which evaluates and summarizes all the relevant national and international projects on gender sensitive teaching and counselling and draws recommendations for future actions.

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