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Focuses on developing linguistic practices appropriate for the tourism entrepreneur's needs in line with the educational aspects of CLIL and ODL.

Description in Swedish

Many in the tourism industry have their tourism business as an extra income. It is important that they have the opportunity to improve their language skills so that their businesses can survive and increase their business in an era of increased competition, which is a common problem in Europe. Many small tourism businesses and entrepreneurs are situated in small towns and rural areas. This means that this group does not have the same opportunity to study the language and participate in life-long learning is a priority of the European Commission.

The project is targeted to this specific target group's needs in the tourism industry and wants to develop a customized approach that includes the concept of CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) with the help of one of our expert partners: The Stockholm Institute of Education .

A pilot phase will be implemented where individuals in the tourism and language teachers will be involved to evaluate how the method works. The result is that language teachers and instructors will have access to up to date methods and pedagogy, which can be used within various target groups for professional training.

The partners will use the material in their institutions, or the institution's contact network, which means that in the long term language courses available to individuals within the target group.

The project's final product will provide staff in the tourism industry tools to improve their business by offering better quality to their customers, while it will contribute to the individual's lifelong learning.

The finished material will be on the website for free download. Print Versions for dissemination and presentation will be produced .

Project  time

October 2005 - September 2007
The website is available up to October 2009


Folkuniversitetet in Kristianstad

Partners are the following countries:

Sweden (LHS)
Denmark (ABC)
Austria (BEST )
Romania (CF FDEC)
Poland (BIR)
Italy (LMRS)
Spain (UNED)
Luxembourg (PRISM)
Czech Republic


Ingmarie Rohdin


Fokuserar på att utveckla språkmetoder som är anpassade för turistentreprenörens behov i överensstämmelse med de pedagogiska aspekterna av CLIL och ODL

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