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Golden Goal

Golden Goal

The overall objective of the project is to enable young disadvantaged adults with particular "education resistance" to score their "Golden Goal" by improving their literacy and numeracy skills, and to promote their social and cultural integration into society.

Project title:

Golden Goal


Project background
In the past years, the issue of "basic skills" has gained particular attention in most European countries. Of particular concern are what is generally called ‘functional literacy’ and ‘functional numeracy’ defined as "the ability to read, write and speak in the respective language and to use mathematics at a level necessary to function at work and in society in general".

The OECD final report in June 2000 revealed that at least one of every four adults, in Europe and beyond, fails to reach minimum literacy levels for coping with everyday life and work in a complex, advanced society. Basic skills deficiencies are not only restricted to elderly people, but are a common fact among young, low-level educated adults where these problems often coincide with lacks of motivation to participate in "traditional" qualification measures.

The public reception of this project, which will introduce sport activities into basic skills and communication training for disadvantaged young adults, will benefit tremendously from the timely coincidence of the project dissemination activities in parallel to the European Football Championship EURO 2008 (qualification matches in 2007, finals in 2008). It will give an excellent opportunity to direct public awareness from mere sport issues to educational aspects using sports as underlying pedagogical methods.

Project objectives
The overall objective of the project is to enable young disadvantaged adults with particular "education resistance" to score their "Golden Goal" by improving their literacy and numeracy skills, and to promote their social and cultural integration into society. In order to achieve this, the specific objectives are:

  • To develop basic and social skills training concepts in combination with sporting activities (football, but also other sports depending on the local condition and the target groups), to attract participation and increase motivation
  • To develop a curriculum and methodological tool box containing sections for the special requirements of the following target groups: Educational drop-outs, ethnic minorities (especially immigrants and Roma), long-term unemployed young adults, socially marginalised persons
  • To benefit from the public attention to the EURO 2008 European Football Championship  by connecting adult education aspects with sporting activities, and to raise public awareness of the project’s aims by specifically designed Golden Goal Demonstration Events in each partner’s country.

Target groups (users of the project results and products)

Basic skills providers and their trainers and tutors: They will have free access to new basic skills training concepts

  • Key actors for lifelong learning and basic skills training policies
  • National and European basic skills programmes, initiatives and networks
  • Social partners: The project partnership also comprises social partners from various European countries.

Project results

The curriculum "Basic Skills Training for Young Disadvantaged Adults in Combination with Sport Activities" will consist of several different modules that allow for flexible utilisation according to various specific requirements.
The main objective is to empower disadvantaged adults with improved literacy, numeracy and language skills, as well as with different social and communication skills focusing on the specific requirements in their environment:

The "Tool Box for Introducing Sport Activities into Adult basic Skills Education", as a complementary product, is designed for all adult education vocational qualification institutions and for trainers. This collection of materials and methods can be used, because of their modular structure, for a wide variety of measures and interactions.

The "Concept for the Organisation of Golden Goal Demonstration Events" will focus on the following aspects:

  • How to enrich the design of information events with “appetizer” elements that enable a joyful approach to an education theme (example: invite local sportspeople who will, based on their "authority" address the issue of better performance in sports as well as in education and communication)
  • How to raise, among adult education providers, their interest to make use of the project’s products that will be available free of charge and to incorporate them into their training concepts

On the European level, a Multiplier Seminar will be organised where participants from other EU countries that do not participate directly at the project will receive detailed information and will subsequently act as multipliers. The seminar will be held in Vienna, during the EURO 2008 finals, in June 2008.

The project will develop a web site which will up and running by March 2006. The site will provide details of the project and contain the project results for free download.

Duration: October 2005 until September 2008



BEST Training, Vienna, Austria
KTP Association for qualification at the labour Market, Znojmo, Czech Republic
ABC Dialog, Hilleröd, Denmark
Hessisches Sozialministerium, Wiesbaden, Germany
ATHINA Insitute for Research, Training and Informatic, Elefsina, Greece
Gabinet d’Estudis Socialis, Barcelona, Spain
IRFA Sud, Montpellier, France
Fondazione IDIS, Napoli, Italy
Future Capital Foundation, Riga, Latvia
ROC Nijmegen, Nijmegen, Netherlands
Kulturverein Doppelpass, Vienna, Austria
PAPILOT Institution for enhancing and developing of life quality, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Zlate Klasy Box, Dunajska Streda, Slovakia
Folkuniversitetet, Kristianstad, Sweden
University of Glasgow, dept. of Adult Continuous Education, Glasgow, UK
Rogaland Kurs og Kompetansesenter, Stavanger, Norway
Fundatia Romano-Germana, Timisoara, Romania
Association for Qualification and Employment Initiatives, Manavgat, Turkey

Contact persons: Martin Persson or Ingmarie Rohdin

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