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International network in career guidance: sharing and using knowledge about policies, systems and practice.

Project title

International network in career guidance: sharing and using knowledge about policies, systems and practice.

Description Background

In 2004 (December 2-3), Klaipeda University Continuing Studies Institute (CSI), the coordinator of the network, organized an International Scientific Conference “Career Development in Knowledge Society: European Experience and Perspective”, where scholars from Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, United Kingdom, Sweden, Russia and Greece presented their researches and experience about the career guidance systems in their countries.  The results of the conference clearly amplified the importance of effective career guidance and information systems and exposed the fact that Baltic and Russian countries still lag behind in this field.  Understanding that only cooperation and knowledge sharing with more experienced countries may produce positive results, Continuing Studies Institute decided to continue their work in the field of career guidance by attracting a number of foreign partners for pursuing a deeper and practically functioning research that would be beneficial for all participating countries.

Aim of the network

Aim of the cooperation is to share knowledge about policies, systems and practices in career development and guidance among partner institutions in order to:
Implement strong scientific background for creation of international training programme for career guidance practitioniers.
Establish virtual community for information, knowledge and good practice exchange.
Present the material to employees, public employment services, governments, enterprises, NGO’s and educational institutions.


Preparation for “Kick-off” seminar in Karis, Finland.  Each partner will have to conduct a research that will give a short overview of policies and practices of career guidance systems in their country and describe its strengths and weaknesses.
“Kick-off” seminar in Karis, Finland. People responsible for project coordination (3 – 4 persons from each partner institution) will meet in Karis town for a two day seminar.  The main purpose of this meeting is to introduce the situation of career guidance policies, systems and practices in their country; to agree upon standards and guidelines for the scientific researches; to emphasize the main issues and problems concerning career guidance in their country; to discuss the possibilities of involving private and state institutions; to agree upon further activities.
Web page development. Network coordinator will launch a web page dedicated to information, knowledge and good practice exchange between the partners.  Web page will be located on Klaipėda University server and will include: recent EU, OECD and etc. documentation on career guidance; the material from the Coordination Seminar; forum for posting oppinions, suggestions, findings, etc.; database with the research material developed by the network.  Each partner will be responsible for a concrete item when uploading and updating the material on the web page.
Research activities.  Each partner will have to develop action proposal, based on research material from their country. The research will be done upon the guidelines agreed in the “Kick-off” seminar in Finland.  This research may include: analysis and definition of career guidance practitioniers competence framework; guidelines for creating international career guidance training program; suggestions for improvement of efficiency of career guidance policies, systems and practice; or other issues that will be agreed during the “Kick-off” seminar. All the material developed in process will be posted in the webpage for review, discussion and evaluation.
Preparation for the International Scientific Conference in Klaipėda.  The CSI will be responsible for organizing this conference.  During this preparatory phase, partners will have to participate in the active virtual discussions (in the web page). The purpose of these discussions will be to monitor the progress and the quality of researches done by each participating partner.  Additionally, members of the network will be responsible for building relationships with social partners, members of the labor market, enterprises, government and educational institutions, and inviting them not only to cooperation but, also, to participate in the conference, researches and future activities.
International Scientific Conference, Klaipeda. The main objectives of this conference will be: to present and sum up the research material; to develop suggestions based on research material; to discuss and present action plan for future; to develop proposals for good practice; to agree upon further actions and plans of the network.  Representatives and experts from all partners’ institutions will be encouraged to participate. The conference will be organized by Klaipeda University Continued Studies Institute together with Lithuanian Ministry of Education and Science.  Invitations will be sent to social partners, members of the labor market, government and educational institutions representatives, media and other groups of interest in each participating country.
Presentation of the material. Conference material will be posted in the web page and released as a scientific publication. All partners will be responsible to arrange the publishing of the material in their country periodicals and other means of material promotion in the other media sources (i.e. radio, TV). Additionally, this material will be promoted to governments, public employment services, NGO’s and educational institutions.

Expected outcome

By the end of the project, all participating parties will strengthen their positions in education market and make an impact on educational, national and business enterprise policies, systems and practices related to career guidance. The expected results are as follows:
Acknowledgment of career guidance as an important part of lifelong learning, having a significant impact on the labour market policies
Implementation of effective international training programme for career practitioners in education institutions and business enterprises
Scientific background for implementation of national policies in fighting unemployment, promoting lifelong learning, enchasing quality and accessibility of guidance services


1 year (Aug 1, 2005 – July 31, 2006)


1. Klaipėda University Continuing Studies Institute (CSI) (Lithuania)
2. Karis Adult Training Centre (Finland)
3. "Litorina" Folk High School in Karlskrona (Sweden)
4. Kaliningrad State University (Russia) – Aditional Vocational Training Centre
5. Baltic Education Centre "Vikings" (Latvia)
6. Folkuniversitetet Syd (Sweden)


For more information please contact:
Octavian Dumitriu
Ulf Wallin

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