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Ky in Archangelsk

Ky (Advanced Vocational Education) in Arkhangelsk

An advanced vocational educationin Arkhangelsk, northwestern Russia. The training is geared to tourism.

Description in Swedish

Pilot KY in Arkhangelsk

Folkuniversitetet has been granted aid funds from Sida to start a vocational training in Arkhangelsk , in northwestern Russia. The training is focused on tourism.

Developments and investments in the Barents Sea area are hampered by a shortage of skilled labor. Tourism development, experiences, hotel and restaurant. Arkhangelsk has large and interesting natural areas with opportunities for hunting and wilderness experiences but lacks staff to develop this. The business world is becoming interested in contributing to remedy this.

There is no experience of a similar collaboration between business and society. Therefore, other countries' experience and know -how of a strong and necessary support for decision-makers.

Additionally the Arkhangelsk region suffers of major social problems, high unemployment rates and huge untapped potential which justifies the selection of the area for a pilot training. A new focus in this context is to generate economic growth in the community and to involve weak social groups, and not to primarily cater for exclusively educational sector interests. The social aspects are important in this context, especially those concerning the many single unemployed women in the area.

Arkhangelsk Technical University, the Pro Vice-Chancellor Professor Tatyana Sergeevna Butorina as responsible, is the principal of the planned pilot training. In addition, the Technical University has good contacts and there is a lot of confidence in the university.

Activities planned under the project :

  • Development of training curricula adapted to Russian conditions, partly through the translation of Swedish material
  • Training and retraining of teachers who are willing to adapt to new methodologies and pedagogy
  • Start of training in Arkhangelsk

The Agency for Advanced Vocational Training in Sweden (Ky-myndigheten) follows the project progress with great interest.

The Ministry of Education in Moscow is supporting and budgeting for an evaluation and continuation of the project. The Ministry is committed to this and are eagerly looking forward to the trials and hope for a useful model for the change in the structure of the Russian post-secondary vocational education to be done. The goal is a structural change towards a modern, democratic and equal form of education. The Swedish experiences will support decision makers and utilize the experiences that can help providers and the business sector.

Facts about the project

Project duration: October 2004 - December 2006
Approved budget: about 7.5 million SEK
Project Organizer: Folkuniversitetet Uppsala
Project Manager: Ali Rashidi, +46 (0) 18-68 00 00

Project Partners

Arkhangelsk Technical university
Arkhangelsk County Administration
Ministry of Education and Science, Moscow
KY authority in Sweden
Stockholm University

Ky i Archangelsk

En Ky-utbildning i Archangelsk, i nordvästra Ryssland. Utbildningen är inriktad på turism.

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