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International Projects starting 2002-2003


Ky in Archangelsk, Food Literacy, Labour Office Clients, Learn.Empowerment.

Folkuniversitetet's International Projects with starting year 2004.

Ky in Arkhangelsk

An advanced vocational educationin Arkhangelsk, northwestern Russia. The training is geared to tourism.

Food Literacy

The main objective of the project is to establish "Food Literacy" as a horizontal theme in adult education and to consider it as a personal core competence.

Labour Office & Clients

The main objective of the project is to raise the awareness for the importance of personal competences in the job counselling and job mediation process.


In order to reduce barriers to (lifelong) learning and to increase the motivation to learn, the project develops "Guidelines and Tool Box for integration of self-directed learning into vocational education and training of low-skilled unemployed persons".

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