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Professional portfolio of our department consists of over 50 different self-initiated projects in vocational and adult education, integration policy and empowerment. Furthermore, we were partners in more than 20 projects in education, integration, and age management.


  • NOAF - No Alternative Facts (2018-2020) The project addresses the need to promote media literacy through an innovative train-the-trainer format aiming at
    a) Providing adult educators with useful skills and action-oriented methods on how to develop young people’s digital competence 
    b) Enhancing digital competence of young people 15-25
    c) Increasing media literacy, especially critical thinking, of young adults in the age of fake news.

  • Igma-Femina (2016-2019) aims at improvement of accessibility of migrant/refugee women to adult education and gender-sensitive counselling in order to increase their chances to enter labor market. Website

  • KISA (2016-2019) - Kortare Integration Snabbare till Arbete (ESF). The overall objective of the project KISA is to elaborate new methods for more effective integration of the newly arrived immigrants into the labour market.

  • igma3 (2015-2018) aims at improvement of quality in adult education and career counselling with focus on individual learners, professional development of staff, and common service delivery by providers.  Website 

  • ARISE (2017-2019) (Appetite for Enterprise) The aim of the ARISE project is to promote the social and entrepreneurial capacities of migrant women. Website

  • Sofie (2017-2020) (Support for empowerment and integration of refugee families) SOFIE is a 30 months project which aims to face the actual European need of social integration of refugee families, as one of the most vulnerable targets to the host societies. Website

  • Euro-iVET (2015-2018) The aim of our project is about equipping professional Vocational and Educational Trainers (VET) to bridge the ‘culture clash’ between disadvantaged young people living in major urban and inner-city environments, employers and vocational education. Website

  • WE GO! (2016-2018) (Women Economic-indipendence & Growth Opportunity) The main objective of the “WE GO! Women Economic-independence & Growth Opportunity” Project (acronym WE GO!) is to strengthen support services for women victims of domestic violence in Europe, with a particular regard to training and advisory services that shelters/women’s centres offer to these victims. Website

  • QSpirit (EQAVET in Practice) (2015-2018) The main objectives of EQAVET in Practice is to develop web-based interactive guidelines for interpretation of EQAVET criteria, descriptors and indicators according to national VET context and update existing tools, methodologies and quality procedures according to above guidelines Website

  • CS. Tour (2015-2018) (Cultural Awareness and Social Skills Key Competences in Tourism) The CS.Tour project aims to develop a customized training course for those working or who are interested to work in the tourism and hospitality industry. Website

  • QM Project (2015-2018) (The expansion of the EU-approaches to providing the partner-countries higher education quality assurance Expanding Quality Assurance) The General objective of the Project is the EU educational quality model adaptation at national level and gathering the positive utility practices of that model’s dissemination and educational quality assurance. Website

  • Innclood (2016-2018) (Inclusive Neighbourhoods - Researching opportunities for intercultural learning)  The project aims to involve relevant stakeholders (residents with or without migration background, adult educators, social and community workers, architects, city planers, city council representatives) to exchange knowhow and experiences on inclusive approaches in building and/or providing inclusive neighbourhoods and identify and discuss criteria that make a residential area a place for facilitating successful intercultural learning. Website

  • QC-VET (2016-2019) (Promoting quality culture in VET) The overall objective of the project is to support VET leadership in motivating and engaging VET teaching staff in the implementation of quality initiatives at VET institutions by improving prior elaborated guidelines. Website

  • QUASER (2016-2019) (Transparent qualifications for boosting the quality of services addressed to asylum seekers and refugees) The project aims at enhancing the transparency and recognition of  ASRs operators' qualifications to facilitate employability and labour mobility, and for improving the quality of services addressed to asylum seekers and refugees. Website

  • Q4ADHD (2016-2018) (Quality Assurance in VET for learners with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) The project is aimed at the elaboration of the VET quality offer for learners with SEN, with a specific focus on learners with ADHD, through the implementation of Quality Assurance principles in VET in line with the EQAVET recommendation. Website

  • ARIVE (2017-2020) aims at development of quality learning opportunities in order to encourage low-qualified and low-skilled humanitarian migrants to assess and upskill their competences in order to enter the labour market at early stages. 

  • Clap Hands (2017-2019) (CREATIVE LAB : ACCESS TO PROFESSION FOR PERSONS WITH HANDICAP) To answer the employment objectives Horizon 2020 which cannot be fulfilled without contributing to a better access to employment for people with disabilities, CLAP aims to allow the development of professionalization of these people in artistic and cultural businesses, by an inclusive perspective.

  • LOWE (2017-2019) to develop partnerships between VET world and enterprises in order to promote work-based learning in all its forms, with a focus on local and regional dimension to produce concrete results. Webiste

  • Mingle  This project aims to facilitate integration in host societies for migrants and refugees primarily through social and human capital building/accumulation. 

  • EQAVET-QSE-VET  (2017-2020) This project aims at providing basis for European policy development of EQAVET, especially with regards to indicator 5 and 6 and to provide necessary methods for VET authorities and VET provider for assessment of relevance of skills provided by VET-institution with regards to regards to skills demanded by employers. The standards will include both core skills and transversal skills/key competences based on descriptors for indicator 5 and 6 in EQAVET.

  • ENABLE (2016-2019) (Enhance self-awareness and balance the personalized learning in ESL prevention through a Smart Learning Environment) The ENABLE Project aims at developing a new learning eco-system in supporting of Early School Leaving (ESL) prevention. Website

  • SEE-ME (2017-2018) (Methodology for Early Warning detection of risk for Early School Leaving) The aim of this project is to transfer knowledge, tools and training materials from 4 European projects regarding prevention of Early School Leaving to 3 colleges in Moldova, Ukraine and Russia

  • Ukraine - development of democratic social partnership model The aims of the project are creating of a well-functioning social partnership and establishing of cooperation between local/regional authorities and NGOs/CBOs with resource centers as a support and mediator in this process.

  • Nordplus (2017-2019) Informal Adults’ Education for Cultural Tourism Promotion between the Baltic and Nordic Countries Development of cultural tourism routes and competence of specialists in the field of culture.


  • Methodology for Early Warning detection of risk for Early School Leaving (ESL) 

  • JudEx+: Towards a child-friendly justice in cases of sexual violence against children.

  • (WaW) We are dreamers, we are shapers, we are what we want to be Website

  • Pathway from EQAVET to NQAVET Website

  • "EU Integration Agent" - IGMA II

  • Practical Methodology for Acquiring Key Competences of EU Reference Framework through Continuous VET

  • Learning City

  • Project "Human Rights in practice" ("MR i praktiken")

  • Leonardo development of innovation "Expanding the quality 'spirit' of VET (Q &VET)" Website

  • Expero4care Website

  • Leonardo, transfer of innovation "Facilitating a Common Quality Assurance Framework through Peer Review for VET", Peer Review for CQAF-VET Website

  • Leonardo learning partnership "M-learning and other good practices in I.C.T. teaching" Website

  • Project "Competence development for immigrant NGOs" ("Kompetensuppbyggnad för invandrarföreningar")

  • Common Quality Assurance Framework-VET, a provider online model, "CQAFVET-online

  • CERF. Certification Standard for European Reference Framework Key Competencies Website

  • Leonardo network "Age Management in Practice: Improving Access to VET/CVET for Older Workers Across Europe" AMaP

  • Learning through Innovative management concepts to ensure transfer of Knowledge of Elderly people"

  • Grundtvig multilateral "Innovative Guidance Methodology for the Integration of Low Skilled Immigrants into Adult Education"

  • Grundtvig multilateral Empowerment kit for immigrant women with low education.

  • Grundtvig partnership "Academy of New Possibilities - parents schools as a way of increasing competences connected with looking after and education of children"

  • Leonardo development of innovation "Validation of Formal, Non-Formal and Informal Learning: The case study of Personal Assistants", EUPA

  • Leonardo development of innovation "Smart languages need oriented toolbox for Europeans", SL-tool

  • Leonardo, transfer of innovation "Operational model of "Common Quality Assurance Framework" at VET-provider level", CQAF-provider model*

  • Leonardo development of innovation "European manager for intelligent and responsible territories", GETIR

  • Leonardo, transfer of innovation "Methodological Toolbox for Development of New Skill for Future Jobs", JS-Toolbox*

  • Nordpus Vuxen "Nordic network for empowerment of immigrant women with low educational/working experience"

  • Nordplus Vuxen "STILL ACTIVE - A Communication Tool for Fighting Social Isolation"

  • Swedish Institute "The Baltic Network for VET"

  • Sida "Introduction of Modern Methods and Models in Labour Market Training in Minsk, Belarus" 

  • Sida "Development of Labour Market in Arkhangelsk region"

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