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Jessica Hovey

Jessica Hovey

– Every writer, every reader, every interaction with words on a page, or words heard aloud is unique. Writing is easy. What is tricky is identifying your purpose and finding balance: knowing when to drive your writing and when to allow yourself to become a vessel and let your words be gifts which flow from you.

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Jessica Lynn Hovey is a poet, essayist, and educator, and has worked an editor for several literary journals and magazines. She recently moved to Sweden from St. Paul, Minnesota, where she received her MFA in Creative Writing from Hamline University.

She has studied, produced, and taught the art and craft of creative writing across the genres, and her work can be found in several literary journals throughout the US. In addition to Jessica's work as a writer, she is an experienced public speaker, theatrical director, and voice and acting coach. She has also taught speech, conversation, interview skills, storytelling, and business English classes.

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